Einsteinmas Day


capitol hill christmas treeWhat’s wrong with this picture?

A postman drives his little white truck down the country road. A teenage girl in her 1992 red mustang laughs to herself as she reads the text from her best friend. Her glossy pink nails begin tapping a reply, just as she hears the squeals of tires grinding on pavement. She drops her phone as she swerves the wheel and cries, “Abraham Lincoln!”

A CIA agent grips the chair as he stands before the suited men. Flurries fly by outside the window. “There’s no time,” he says. “He demands the money by 12:01 Einsteinmas Day.”

An archaeologist kicks the shovel deeper into the ground as dust fills the air. She coughs and lifts the scarf to her nose. Sweat rolls off her nose and splatters to the ground. Her breath reeks of coffee; after all, she hasn’t slept in two days. But she’s so close she can feel it. Just moments, mere moments from an artifact that has been trying to be found since 206 BC—Before Candy.

Jesus has rocked the world. No matter who we are, and what we believe, His name and message has infiltrated our existence. Whether I’m reading something from 600 BC (Before Christ), opening presents beneath the tree of America’s favorite holiday, or hearing someone swear by His name, we cannot escape Jesus.

Recently, as I was reading through some books for a class I’m preparing, I was stopped by these words:

This Galilean, who in his lifetime spoke to fewer people than would fill just one of the many stadia Graham has filled, changed the world more than any other person. He introduced a new force field into history, and now holds the allegiance of a third of all people on earth.1

A third.

If I were God (bad idea—let that be clear), my plan would be to circuit Jesus around the world. Maybe I’d make Him into clones so there were thousands of Him. Or I’d stop time and give hundreds of years to chit chat to every person He sees. But what happened instead? Jesus toured around a few miniscule miles in his teeny tiny dot area of Earth for a ministry span of a measly three years. Then, poof! He’s gone and now a projected 2.92 billion people (31.4%) are estimated to follow Jesus. Really? From a plan like that? As a Christian myself, it makes me think, “If God changes the world with that plan, what might He also be wanting to do in my life? With someone so insignificant as me?”

Or yours?

Who knows, with a willing heart He may do immeasurably more than we could ever ask for or imagine.


Daily Meditation: Ephesians 3

Bible in a Year: Isaiah 41-42; 1 Thessalonians 1



  1. Check it out! Phillip Yancey. The Jesus I Never Knew. ISBN: 0-310-38570-9